Hello World!

At the age of ten, my family and I moved to Perth, Australia for a year. While we were there I discovered ‘k-pop’ – South Korean pop music – and was instantly captivated by not only the impressive choreography and vocals, but the overwhelming aesthetically pleasing nature of it all. K-pop songs are generally accompanied by a music video jam-packed with beautiful, ahead-of-the-trend fashion, flawless glossy hair and makeup that exudes a youthful, radiant glow. I was amazed at high standers for beauty, and was determined to learn how to create that flawless, radiant look I had grown so fond of for myself.

Fast-forward a few years, many a failed eyeliner attempts and a truckload of makeup remover wipes – and here I am now: a young aspiring beauty-blogger with humble dreams of sharing what I’ve learned with you. I stared Toki’s Beauty Box with the hope that reading this blog may help you achieve your own beauty goals, be that reading a review to choose between products to purchase, to learning how to perfect that ‘agyo-sal’. Toki’s Beauty Box is a beauty blog focused on Korean and Asian beauty culture, trends, product reviews and tips n’ tricks.

Toki xx


5 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. I’ve recently discovered all things Korean and this is awesome. I’m more into K-Drama than K-Pop but I can’t wait to read some posts on Asian beauty culture. Yay!


    • Hi Ariadna! Hyperpigmentation isn’t an issue I know a huge amount about, but I have heard that Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon juice and Aloe Vera all work wonders on reducing hyperpigmentation, so if you haven’t already you should definitely give them a try!


  2. Oh I love your blog theme and Asian food.. my friend made deokbokki for me the other day. I never knew Korean people can eat real spicy too! And so delicious. I’m 32 and still don’t know how to apply eyeliner. Looking forward to learn from you.

    Much love ❤


  3. K-pop! Aren’t they flawless and their videos perfectly choreographed! I was introduced to Super Junior by a group of Asian friends and i don’t regret it! Also, you are absolutely right in terms of their fashion and makeup. I will definitely be looking to learn a lot from your posts. I have also nominated you for the Liebster Award as your blog is fresh and stylish! Cheers, Sanjana 🙂


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