About Toki

I’l admit, when it came to writing an about page for this blog… I didn’t know where to begin. The reason I started this blog is simple: I wanted to share my love of Korean fashion and beauty with the world, and as cheesy as that sounds it’s the truth.

When I was ten, I discovered k-pop, and instantly fell in love with the signature style idols had. I grew up knowing that was exactly how I wanted to look: put together and stylish. I would spend hours practicing my makeup, determind to replicate the flawless dewy glow I had grown to love so much. A few years and lots of failures later, and here I am. My makeup and style isn’t perfect, but then again, no one’s is. I’ve grown and learned so much, and now I want to help you to do the same.

My aim with Toki’s Beatuy Box has always been simply to help you learn about makeup and fashion, and to learn alongside you too.


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